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Le Bon Marche Privilege Day – Some of you may be looking to do some serious, and I mean SERIOUS, shopping here. Let us introduce you to the ultimate pro-tip – the Bon Marche Privilege day. This is a 3-day process that gets you an uncapped saving potential on things you buy at Le Bon Marche, one of the OG department stores in Paris.


Day 1- your first day of shopping – Head to Le Bon Marche concierge and sign up for their loyalty program – La Carte 24 Sevres. Purchase exactly 500 Euros on day 1 and ensure your new loyalty card is scanned (you will have to exceed 500 for this to work. Exceed it by as little as you can). This qualifies you to designate a day in the future your “privilege day” to shop at Bon Marche.

Day 2 – your second day of shopping – Head to the concierge and tell them you want to designate today your “privilege day.” This entitles you to get 10% off EVERYTHING (subject to category restrictions like makeup) you buy this day. Chanel bags qualify (!). You will pay whatever the prevailing listed price is, but your 10% saving will be added to your loyalty account as a store credit. This is the day you should be making the lion’s share of purchases on this trip.

Day 3 – your third day of shopping – return with your loyalty account armed with 10% of the value you spent on day 2 as store credit. Spend it.

MEANWHILE – ensure every item you buy is done tax free – at the end of each shopping day (day 1, 2, and 3), you should be going to the tax-free counter to ensure you are getting your customary 12% VAT back. This applies to every dollar you spend.

Bon Marche
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